Learning at RNPS

At Ringwood North PS we understand that your child deserves the very best quality education. We know that each child is a unique individual who will learn and grow in different ways and at different rates throughout their schooling. Our teachers are dynamic, committed and caring. We have a proud history of innovation in the school and are at the forefront of best practice in technology and next generation skills. RNPS has been at the forefront of technology use in classrooms for many years. We operate a 1:1 Bring Your Own Device (iPad) program for Year 4-6 students and introduce students from Prep to responsible and effective use of technology, through iPads, laptops, robotics, photography and programming. At RNPS your child will find learning fun, exciting and challenging.



Literacy learning takes place daily in the mornings at RNPS. Teachers use the school-wide model for teaching reading and writing to target the specific needs of each child, regardless of their age. We use a structured phonics and phonological awareness approach from Prep to Year 6 to develop students’ skills in reading and spelling. Students develop a love of reading through the Junior and Senior libraries.


Numeracy is taught daily throughout the school, with a focus on developing students’ conceptual understanding through hands-on, applied learning. Students are challenged to take their lessons beyond the page and use their learning in a range of scenarios that require problem solving and design skills. These skills are then transferred into even broader real-world applications through our Challenge Based Learning approach.



Challenge Based Learning (CBL)

Challenge Based Learning is an enquiry approach to learning that combines a range of subject areas from the humanities and sciences to challenge students to find real ways to help or solve problems from their community and the world. Students explore significant global issues through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring that their learning experiences promote a respectful and humanitarian understanding of the world to support them in becoming valuable global citizens.

Values, Independence & Resilience

At RNPS students are taught the core school values and how to apply them throughout their lives at school and at home. We support students to understand how to behave appropriately and effectively in social and online situations. Through the camping program, students learn how to take reasonable risks, to extend and challenge themselves, to build resilience and independence and develop a love for the outdoors. Other activities such as the Buddies program, the Year 6 Billy Kart Grand Prix, and our Student Leadership program all work together to provide students with the opportunity to grow in confidence and maturity in a caring and supportive environment.

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The Arts

RNPS has a rich history of promoting and celebrating the arts. Through weekly visual arts lessons, students are introduced to a huge variety of methods to explore the world and express themselves. Students also enjoy weekly lessons in Music, where they are introduced to a vast array of instruments and musical concepts to help them enjoy, explore and express themselves through music. Many of our students undertake additional, optional instrumental lessons and we have an annual concert and bi-annual school production.


Physical and Outdoors Education

At RNPS we recognise the importance of educating students in taking care of their physical health and developing a love for physical and social activity. Students participate in weekly physical education lessons as well as extra sessions that focus on learning and participating in social and team sports. Students in Years 5 and 6 participate in Interschool sport and students throughout the school engage in both Bike safety and Water safety (swimming) programs. Further whole school events such as our House Athletics and Cross Country give students the opportunity to compete in a fun environment. Year level-specific programs such as the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) for Prep and Year 1, and community bike rides in Years 5 and 6, are also greatly valued. Students have access to use the large all-weather oval, basketball courts and 3 playgrounds to encourage physical play during lunch and recess breaks.



Languages and Cultural Awareness

Students at Ringwood North Primary School learn Indonesian in a semi-immersion program from Prep through to Year 6. Students have the opportunity to host and work with Indonesian students from our sister school, Tunas Unggul in Bandung. As well as the language skills, students learn from an experienced and knowledgeable teacher and benefit from our relationship with Ringwood Secondary College’s Indonesian language program, through opportunities such as co-hosting Language Assistants who are native speakers. In addition to this, staff are involved in a grass roots program in Indonesia, designing and delivering professional development sessions to teachers and Principals. We value greatly the importance of language learning, cultural awareness and global citizenship and work hard to provide opportunities for our students to engage with a world beyond their local community.