Students that Flourish…

At RNPS we value each student as an individual, and encourage our students to realise their full potential. Students who flourish experience optimism, emotional stability, positive mental health and resilience. Not only do we want our students to feel good, but also to do good, and learn and develop the skills to nurture positive relationships and contribute to their community. By addressing many areas of wellbeing, we are helping our students to flourish and live a meaningful life.  


RNPS Values

Our RNPS values are to be Respectful, Neighbourly, Positive and Successful. Our students learn and understand what these values mean, and how they are an important part of our lives both at school, and at home and in society. Our values are part of the core principles that shape the expectations we have for students and teachers, and are an integral part of our school culture and community. 

Student Leadership

There are many opportunities for students to develop and model leadership skills at RNPS. We have an active Junior School Council involving students from Year 2-6 that regularly meets to discuss school activities and ensure that the voice of the students is recognised. As students move through the school, various leadership roles, such as School Captain, House Captain, Music and Environmental Captains give students the chance to develop important leadership and thinking skills. Students in our senior years have attended student leadership forums, and learn how strong, fair leadership can shape the world we live in. 



Positive Education

RNPS is a proud Positive Education school. Positive Education is a model of learning which places wellbeing at the heart of everything we do. Positive Education encompasses all that we would want for our students and our staff; good health, frequent positive emotions, strong and supportive relationships and a sense of purpose, meaning and accomplishment. Positive Education encourages students to recognise, acknowledge and use their character strengths to live a productive and flourishing life. Our focus is on exploring these important elements of wellbeing, and learning and living these values together. 


Our school culture is one of inclusivity and respect with no place for bullying. We have strong anti-bullying beliefs and policies. Students focus on the values of respect and kindness, and participate in various anti-bullying programs and performances. Through our focus on wellbeing, we aim to teach our students that positive relationships are integral in maintaining a happy and harmonious environment in which to thrive. 




Students at RNPS learn what it means to be a responsible digital citizen right from Prep. Our extensive use of technology is developed alongside strong programs that teach elements of cyber safety, safe and responsible use of technology and online etiquette and safety. Students and families have been involved in the Cyber Safety Project, as well as the eSmart program.